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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have been serving an essential purpose around the world for many centuries and will continue to do so for many more, including here in North Carolina. If your residential or commercial property is on a slope and erosion is an issue, then it’s time to start thinking about a retaining wall. These walls hold back soil and will prevent earth erosion due to heavy rainfall and the gravitational pull over the years and will also allow you to level your backyard, parking lot, etc. Retaining walls can also be stylish and used as sitting walls, flower bed, and many other unique possibilities.

Retaining walls in Raleigh and all of the Triangle don’t have to be boring and bland as there are many designs, colors, material, and styles to choose. In today’s hardscapes market, this allows plenty of room to customize it with your personal touch. The most common types are wood retaining walls, interlocking block retaining walls, and stone retaining walls. Each of these serves a unique purpose and have a unique look and feel. Our design team will help with the big decision.

Retaining Walls Design

Due to the responsibly of a retaining wall, we can not stress enough how important it is to hire a professional hardscapes company to design and construct your wall. There is a certain degree of engineering that is required, and we have the capabilities to take your project from schematic design to a finished project, making it visually pleasing while allowing it to serve an important purpose. Our materials and procedures are always environmentally friendly and safe for everybody including animals.

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